What is the KOOS-PF?

The original KOOS consists of 5 subscales Click here for more information about the KOOS).

The KOOS-PF was developed to evaluate individuals or samples of individuals who present with anterior knee pain/patellofemoral pain and/or patellofemoral OA, or who are at risk of developing patellofemoral pain or OA (for example, those who have experience a traumatic knee injury or who have tibiofemoral pain or OA). The subscale has been evaluated in individuals ages 18 or older.

The KOOS-PF can be used alone or in conjunction with the original KOOS subscales.

KOOS-PF measurement properties have been evaluated (1): test-retest reliability (ICC 0.86), Smallest Detectable Change (16), Minimal Important Change (14), Minimal Important Difference (12). The subscale also has adequate structural validity and responsiveness.


1. Crossley, Kay M., et al. "The patellofemoral pain and osteoarthritis subscale of the KOOS (KOOS-PF): development and validation using the COSMIN checklist." Br J Sports Med (2017): bjsports-2016.